2018 Divisional Award Winners

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Elementary Division

  Gold ($50 cash)
    (1202) Low Cost, Natural and Effective Way to Kill Bacteria Using Spices
        Student: Zan-ul-Abdeen Mushtaq
        School: Eastbrook Elementary School

  Silver ($30 cash)
    (1201) To Flush or not to Flush
        Student: Grace Adcock
        School: St. Michael's School

    (1216) Salty Seas
        Student: Samuel Noelle
        School: Connaught School

    (1226) Plants vs Wifi
        Student: Jeroen Lawson
        School: Crestwood School

  Bronze ($30 cash)
    (1102) Twinkle Toes Test
        Student: Lauryn Johnson
        School: St. Michael's School

    (1209) Would You Drink This?
        Student: Jeffrey Warwick
        School: Connaught School

    (1210) Uuuhg! Dog Germs!
        Student: Aubrey Beckedorf
        School: St. Michael's School

    (1205) Carpet Cleaners!
        Student: Donovan Taylor
        School: Seven Persons

    (1212) Gross Science
        Student: Victoria Rooks
        School: Senstor Gershaw

    (1107) What Metal Conducts Electricity the Best?
        Students: Alexander Waddle , Drew Johnson
        School: George Davison School

    (1223) The beat
        Student: Laine Gauthier
        School: St. Michael's School

    (1219) Rainbow Tube
        Student: Ocianna Roseveare
        School: Connaught School

    (1218) Mentos Bomb
        Students: Sebastien Franz , Drayton Valley
        School: Connaught School

    (1101) Do People Who Share the Same DNA have Similarities in Their Fingerprints?
        Students: Ellison Wissler , Ravyn Burgess
        School: Crestwood School

Intermediate Division

  Bronze ($40 cash)
    (3305) How Robots Help Humans
        Student: Thomas Melton
        School: Ralston School

    (3204) Electric Trains
        Students: Andrew Wieler , Jason Duffhues
        School: Bow Island

  Silver ($50 cash)
    (3203) Turbines (It's a Wind Win)
        Student: Jordan Kurtzweg
        School: Foremost

  Gold ($70 cash)
    (3201) Evaluating the Cytotoxicity of Essential Oils on Colorectal Cancer Cells
        Student: Pakeeza Mushtaq
        School: Brooks Composite High School

    (3302) The Future Of Energy: Canada's Power Plant
        Student: Malak Hassan
        School: Duchess School

Junior Division

  Silver ($40 cash)
    (2203) Memory Mania
        Students: Manahil Ahmed , Shyann Sears
        School: CAPE

    (2306) One Man Bomb Squad
        Student: Ian Gordon
        School: CAPE

  Gold ($60 cash)
    (2304) Model du tempain
        Students: Cassidy Liboiron , Hadley Aebly
        School: Jenner School

    (2202) will essential oils prevent bread from molding
        Students: Janaya Willment , Jaimsey Griscowsky
        School: Medicine Hat Christian School

  Bronze ($30 cash)
    (2303) Energy On The Run
        Student: Abdelrahman Hassan
        School: Duchess School

    (2204) Lequelle nous Donne la charge?
        Students: Abey Sadler , Isabelle Ferdais
        School: Ecole les Cypres

    (2206) Buyer Beware!!
        Students: Katelyn Herbert , Krysa Schlenker
        School: Medicine Hat Christian School

    (2207) Plant Light
        Student: Ronan Baxter
        School: Medicine Hat Christian School