Welcome to the online registration and management system for the fair. Using the links on the left the public can register as a participant or register as a judge. The committee can use the Fair Administration link to manage the fair, see who's registered, generate reports, etc.(*) The SFIAB configuration link is for the committee webmaster to manage the configuration of the Science Fair In A Box for the fair.



P5.js Zone

This section is dedicated to discover and experiment with computer programming. The insert below allows you to run scripts written in P5.js. P5.js uses javascript, a very nice and modern language that everybody should learn. The actual P5.js code follows a structure defined by the Processing Foundation, which you can find in this link. To get you started, check the Quick Start Guide. For more information, check the reference in the P5.js website. Stay tune for upcoming programming challenges and demonstrations.

Try It Out!

Can you figure out what does the next code do?


  1. Select all the text in the box above and remove it by hitting the DEL key
  2. Select and copy the code below
  3. Paste the code inside the box above
  4. Hit the Play button

var x;
function setup() {
 createCanvas(400, 600);

 function draw() {
   background(255, 100, 200);
   rect(x,height/2, 50, 70);
If you have any coding questions or suggestions, please contact advanced.development.solutions@gmail.com